(CDs largely feature solo vocal music.  All texts by Weaver unless otherwise indicated.) 

CD, SONGS FOR MY MOTHER, 2018.  Music by CAW, Texts by Miriam L. Weaver. Mary-Catherine Pazzano, vocals; CAW, piano; Willem Moolenbeek, saxophones; Ben Bolt Martin, cello; Andrew Chung, violin; Jana Skarecky, didgeridoo (Lorac Productions 027)

CD, PARAGUAY PRIMEVAL, 2012. Rebecca Campbell, vocals; CAW, piano; Emma Elkinson, flute; Ben Bolt Martin, cello; Kyle Skillman, drums; David Travers-Smith, recording engineer  (Lorac Productions 026). A suite of nine vocal pieces, Puerto Casado, Well Water, Uncle Hans, November Eleven, Women’s Village, Der Mond, Chaco Christmas, Lengua Women, Chaco Spring, plus Tango for flute, cello and piano, and electroacoustic soundscape, Asunción to Chaco.  (Texts by Rudy Wiebe, Dora Dueck and Paraguay Mennonites).

CD, EVERY 3 CHILDREN, 2007.  Rebecca Campbell, vocals; CAW, piano; Mageshen Naidoo, guitar; Ben Bolt-Martin, cello; Mark Duggan, percussion; Emma Elkinson, flute; Leonard Enns & Conrad Grebel Chapel Choir; David Travers-Smith, recording engineer (Lorac Productions 025). Vocal pieces: This Sacred Earth, Anything World (text Kiera Schneider), A Cappella Zulu, Stand by You, Piece of a Rock, How Can we Know (with choir), Lobsang (with choir), Watersong, and Every Three Children (with choir).

CD, THISTLE & JEWEL, 2006.  Rebecca Campbell, vocals; CAW, piano; David Travers-Smith, recording engineer (Lorac Productions 024). Ten vocal pieces:  Orbit, North Line, Thistle Milkweed, Kentucky Hills, Deerfly (text Jeff Gundy); Still Life (text Ann Hostetler); Women Crazy (text Julia Kasdorf), Anything World (text K.Schneider); Keep Singing and Coming Home.

CD, AWAKENINGS, 2003, co-produced with Rebecca Campbell, featuring collaborative Weaver/Campbell composition based on text of Di Brandt and Dorothy Livesay.  Campbell, voc; Weaver, pno; Jane Siberry, Mia Sheard, Jennifer Moore, vocals; Lyle Friesen, mandolin; David Travers-Smith, recording engineer.   Songs by CAW: Tangle, Impossibly, Conversations, Waking Early, Jester, Nestle Me Down, Solstice, Sweet Energy, The Way Out.

CD, DANCING RIVERS – From South Africa to Canada, 2001. Natalie Rungan, Thandeka Mazibuko, Rebecca Campbell, voc,; Mageshen Naidoo, gt; Bongoni  Sokhela, bass; Jeff Robinson, sax; Maggie Deppe, oboe; Lebohang Methebeng & Jean Martin, dr; Weaver, piano; recorded SABC Studios, S. Africa; completed, Toronto. Songs: Back to the Light, Waiting Birth, You’ll Carry On, Learning to Fly, Beyond the Water, Beer-Pounding Song, Calabash Woman, Listen to the Silence, Dancing Dancing River.

CD, JOURNEY BEGUN 1999.Cate Friesen, voc; Weaver, piano; John Gzowski, guitar; Jeremy Kurtz, bass; Modern (String) Quartet.  With two song cycles, I Have been a Traveller (text Judith Miller) and Houses (text Shari Wagner), plus West of Brutus (text Donna Burkhart), Little Creatures (text Chris Burkhart) and Journey Just Begun.

CD, DAUGHTER OF OLAPA, 1996 with Ardeleana Trio (Laurie Glencross, flute; Brenda Muller, cello: Ann Edwards, pno) plus Anne Lindsay, violin; Tilly (Prudom) Kooyman, clarinet; Margaret Hull & Nancy DeLong, singers; Weaver, pno.  Chamber/vocal song cycle, Daughter of Olapa (text from Kenyan oral literature, arr. CAW; Out of the Quiet piano/vocal suite with text by Di Brandt: So Many Ancestors, Bound Woman, Song of the Lost, Jazz Pome.

Tape, TIMBREL IN HER HAND, 1988  Margaret Elligsen Hull, soprano; Dorothy Bowman, Margaret Hull, readers; Lyle Friesen, mandolin, Weaver, pno., programming. Suite of 18 vocal and spoken word songs and two instrumental pieces.  Text by Judith Miller.


Blue Green Planet, 2015, for vocals, piano, didgeridoo (text by John Weier).  Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, pno; Jana Skarecky, didgeridoo, Conrad Grebel Chapel/UW, Sept. 16, 2015.

Sea and Sand, 2009, for vocals, flute, violin, cello, piano.  Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, pno; Ann Lindsay, violin; Emma Elkinson, flute; Ben Bolt-Martin, cello, Conrad Grebel Chapel/UW, March 4, 2009.

Constellations, 2001, for vocals, piano, oboe, guitar, bass (text CAW/Giselle Turner).  Natalie Rungan, voc; CAW, pno; Mageshen Naidoo, g; Maggie Deppe, oboe;Bongani Sokehla, bass; Howard College Theatre, U. of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, S. Af, May, 2001.

My Crazy Heart, 2001, for vocals, piano, guitar, bass (text Giselle Turner). Natalie Rungan, voc; CAW, pno; Mageshen Naidoo, gt; Bongani Sokehla, bass; Bruce Baker, dr; Alliance Francaise, Durban, S. Af,  June 1, 2001.

Moss Flowers, 1989, soprano and piano (text Judith Miller).  Wendy Humphries, sop;, John Greer, pno., at Sharon Festival, Sharon Temple, Ontario,  July 16, 1989.  Recorded, broadcast by CBC Radio.

Afterday, 1984, for soprano, reader, tape, electronic piano, synthesizer, visuals  (text Judith Miller and David Waltner-Toews).  Iraina Neufeld, sop.; Wendalyn Bartley, reader; CAWeaver, keys; ACREC Festival U/Quebec, Montreal, May 4, 1985.

Five Voices of Earth, 1983 for tenor, mandolin, piano (text Henry Thoreau). Michael Lenz, tenor; Lyle Friesen, mandolin; CAWeaver, piano.  Wilfrid Laurier University, March 27, 1983.