(This is a very selective collection of recordings spanning decades.  If not otherwise indicated, scores and CDs can be obtained by contacting Carol Ann Weaver or Canadian Music Centre or one of the publishing outlets noted below.)

Recent Vocal, Choral, Chamber, Orchestral Music:

from SONGS FOR MY MOTHER, 2017, 2018 vocals, piano

music by Carol Ann Weaver, text from my mother, Miriam L. Weaver’s journal writings from Lost Creek, Kentucky in the ’40s.  Feedsack describes primitive life, Hard Shell Baptists graphically portrayed with ethnomusicologist skill,  To the End, sparse words before her untimely death.  Marge Maust, mezzo, CAWeaver, piano, world premiere, June 24, 2017, EMU, Harrisonburg, VA for Feedsack and To the End, Mary-Catherine Pazzano (on Songs for My Mother CD, 2018) for Hardshell Baptists.  Photos: mother & shed at Lost Creek, African sunset.  Reviews by Valerie Hill and Dave Rogalsky.


GENEROUS LAND, 2017, SATB a cappella

music/text, Carol Ann Weaver, published, Cypress Choral Music, described by Larry Nickel: “with compelling melodies, counterpoint and infectious rhythms Carol celebrates the wonderful land we are privileged to live in. This composition is suitable for high school and community choirs with user-friendly vocal registers and intuitive voice leading. Yet, University and Chamber Choirs will also enjoy the challenge.” Performed by Cypress Ensemble. Score viewed and purchased HERE.

from EARTH PEACE, 2016, string quartet pieces, choral pieces

composed in South Africa, addresses global conflict, pain, joy, as people learn from the natural world.  Factory Arts Quartet–Andrew Chung, Julie Baumgartel vln, Jody Davenport, vla, Ben Bolt-Martin cello, world premiere, June 7, 2016, UWaterloo.  Gloria Renaissance Singers, Gordon Burnett, cond, Sept. 21, 2016, Grebel UW, & Laudamus – University Singers, Gerard Yun, cond, premiere.


KALAHARI CALLS, 2011, for orchestra

evokes natural sounds of the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, from Barking Geckos to Cape Turtle Doves and other birds, to a mother wildebeest who just lost her calf to cheetah. Composed in 2011, South Africa, premiered by KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, Durban, SA, and performed here by Waterloo Chamber Players Orchestra, Ben Bolt-Martin, conductor, June 6, 2014, U Waterloo, ON.


DANCING DANCING RIVER, 1988, choral, &  jazz/blues

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, is her most frequently performed composition.  Choral SATB a cappella with – Mennonite Secondary Choirs, Lee Willingham conductor, Centre in Square, Kitchener, ON, Apr. 10, 2010. Listen.  Score available via Kelman Hall HERE.

For jazz band on DANCING RIVERS CD, 2001, recorded in Durban, SA, 2000 with South African jazz artists Natalie Rungan, voc; Mageshen Naidoo, gt; Bongani Sokhela bass; & CAWeaver, pno; plus Rebecca Campbell, voc & Jean Martin, dr. (Toronto).


THE LEAVING, 2014, soprano saxophone, piano

Mary Petrich, sop saxophone; CAWeaver, pno, Wed, Jan. 29, 2014, Grebel, UWaterloo, for my nephew, Nicholas Elliott-Friesen of Guelph, Ontario (1991-2012).

CATHARINE DANCE, 1997, piano trio – vln, cello, piano

was commissioned and premiered by The Gallery Players, Rodham Hall, St. Catharines, ON, Sept. 21, 1997. This feisty, sparkling piece is a bold tribute to Catharine Askin Robertson Hamilton for whom the city of St, Catharines is named. She adored wine!

RITES OF AFRICA, 1994, flute, cello, piano

commissioned by Ardeleana Trio, incorporates various African gestures, as heard (and seen) with Liesel Deppe, flute; Miriam Stewart-Kroeker, cello; Diana Dumlavwalla, pno, KW Chamber Music Room, Waterloo, ON, Nov. 9, 2014. See/listen HERE.


SHALL WE, 1997, SATB a cappella

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, commissioned by Cincinnati Arts Festival, performed here by Laurier Singers, Lee Willingham, conductor, Kitchener Rotunda, Sept. 27, 2008.  Watch/listen HERE.

WINGS OF A DOVE, 2001, SSAA a cappella

music/text by Carol Ann Weaver – DaCapo Choir, Leonard Enns, conductor, Seagrams Theatre, Waterloo, ON, March 5, 2005.  Photo: Dorothy Jean Weaver, Sinai Desert.

TOWER OF BABEL, 1972, SATB a cappella

music by Carol Ann Weaver, text based on Hebraic legend of tower of Babel. EMU Touring Choir, Larry Landis, conductor, 1972.  Photo: Dorothy Jean Weaver, Mt. Sinai.


from PARAGUAY PRIMEVAL CD, 2010, vocals, piano, drums, cello, flute

composed after visiting Asunción and Mennonite colonies in Chaco, Paraguay, Chaco Spring bursts into life (text, Agnes Balzer), Well Water describes drought (text Lenchen Klassen Esau), Uncle Hans goes to bottom of well (text, Marlene Derksen). Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, piano; Emma Elkinson, flute; Ben bolt-Martin, cello; Kyle Skillman, dr.


EVERY THREE CHILDREN, 2006, vocals, piano, percussion, choir

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, is a song of courage for African children surviving AIDS; in parts of Africa, 1 in every 3 children is affected. Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, piano; Mageshen Naidoo, gt; Ben Bolt-Martin, cello; Mark Duggan, percussion; Grebel Chapel Choir, Leonard Enns, conductor.

A CAPPELLA ZULU, 2006, vocals, piano, percussion, African guitar

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, 2006, South African marabi jazz-influenced, piece inspired by Zulu Isicathamiya a cappella Choral Festivals in Durban, SA. Rebecca Campbell, voc; Mark Duggan, dr; CAW, piano; Mageshen Naidoo, gt.

LOBSANG, 2006, vocals, piano, cello, SATB choir

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, this praise song/lament was composed the very day these 5 girls were gunned down at their school house in Nickel Mines, Lancaster, PA. Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW piano; Ben Bolt-Martin, cello; Grebel Chapel Choir, Leonard Enns, conductor.

HOW CAN WE KNOW, 2001, vocals, piano, choir

music and text by Carol Ann Weaver, composed on 9/11, 2001, this music asks “how,” seeking guidance. Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, piano; Grebel Chapel Choir, Leonard Enns, conductor.  Photo, Dorothy Jean Weaver.

from THISTLE & JEWEL CD, 2006 – vocals, piano

music by Carol Ann Weaver, Orbit text by Jeff Gundy, Anything World text by Kiera Schneider (age 9), Coming Home text by CAW.  Rebecca Campbell, voc; CAW, piano.

from DANCING RIVERS CD, 2001 – African vocals, piano, Afro-jazz band

music by Carol Ann Weaver, recorded in Durban, SA, 2000 with South African jazz artists Natalie Rungan & Thandiwe Mazibuko, voc; Mageshen Naidoo, gt; Bongani Sokhela bass; & CAWeaver, pno; plus Rebecca Campbell, voc & Jean Martin, dr. (Toronto) – see above for Dancing Dancing River song.  Calabash Woman, text arranged by CAW from African oral literature, Thandiwe Mazibuko, voc; Lebohang Methebeng, dr, plus others above.  Waiting Birth, text by CAW, Natalie Rungan, voc; Margrit Deppe-Mutsaerts, oboe; Jeff Robinson, alto sax; CAW, piano.

from DAUGHTER OF OLAPA CD, 1996 – vocals, piano, art songs, chamber music, African themed song cycle

Music by Carol Ann Weaver, with chamber pieces, including Rites of Africa (above), the song cycle, OUT OF THE QUIET (poetry by Di Brandt) 1995, with Song of the Lost, Margaret Elligsen Hull, sop; CAW, piano, and DAUGHTER OF OLAPA 1993 (text by CAW, arranged from Kenyan oral literature) including Massai Woman’s Prayer, the original Calabash Woman, and Wanjiru,with Nancy DeLong, mezzo & Ardeleana Ensemble: Laurie Glencross, fl; Brenda Muller, cello; Ann Edwards, pno; Tilly Prudom, cl; Anne Lindsay, vln.