(Scores available from composer unless otherwise indicated.)

African Wilderness – four pieces for solo piano, 2017: Barking Babbling Baboons, Leaping Impala, Marching Elephant, and Soaring Bateleur, performed by Annabella Cairns and Calvin Cairns at ACWC Piano Concert, Grebel/UW, May 28, 2017.

Earth Peace* seven pieces for string quartet, 2016 – Introduction, Hartebeest Tangle, Wild Dog Dervishes 1, 2, and 3, East Timor, Springbok Lamb Ode, and Ring Out Peace (14:00). These seven movements can be performed as a group, as individual pieces, or as part of the larger work. (*The larger work includes 7 additional pieces for SATB Choir and soprano solo, plus 21 readings about conflict and resolution.) The entire work was premiered by University Choir, Gerard Yun conductor, and Stephanie Kramer, soprano; Factory Arts String Quartet; and Grebel Balinese Gamelan, Dewa Suparta, director, June 9, 2016, Theatre of the Arts, University of Waterloo, Canada.

Spirit of the Stikine – six pieces for string quartet, 2016 – She Chisels Canyon through Cassiars, She Dances with Timber Wolves, She Laments Dall Sheep Lamb, She Chants for Drying Land, She Soars with Golden Eagle, She Pulses to Pacific, premiered by Emily Carr Quartet at ACWC Concert, “Spirit Indomitable”, 1st Church of Christ Scientist, Victoria, BC* April 7, 2017.  

Soul Dance Solstice, 2015, solo cello.  Brenda Muller, cello, Straw House Gallery, Parry Sound, ON, June 20, 2015.

The Leaving, 2013, soprano saxophone and piano. Mary Petrich, soprano sax, CAWeaver, piano, Conrad Grebel Chapel, January 29, 2014.

Three Seasons, 2012, flute, alto saxophone, cello, piano. Meaghan McCracken, fl; Willem Moolenbeek, sax; Ben Bolt-Martin, cello; CAWeaver, piano, Conrad Grebel Chapel, October 31, 2012. Three movements: Summer Silence, Autumn Dawn and Winter Prayers & Blessing.

All Night Beatrice, 2007, flute, cello, piano.  Ardelena Trio, Blue Bridge Festival, Sutton ON, June 9, 2007.

Durban Seoul-Rock, 2005 two bass clarinets.  Bass Impact (Tilly Kooyman/Katherine Ladano), World Bass Clarinet Convention, Rotterdam, Holland, October 23, 2005.

Tsetse Fly Dance, 2005, piano, tenor sax, bass, drums.  CAWeaver, piano; Jeff Robinson, t. sax; Duane Nichol,  bass, Lebohang Methebeng, dr.  Jazz Centre, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, S. Af., June 8, 2005.

Shoofly Dance, 2005, piano, turntables, percussion. CAWeaver, piano; Mason Marchildon, turntables; Arun Pal, perc., Aird Centre, Wilfrid Laurier University, March 29, 2005.

Jive Afrique, 2003, two pianos.  Karin Redekopp Edwards and Mark Edwards, pianos, Bernsen Concert Series, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 16, 2010.

Durban Durban, 2000, saxophone quartet, piano, bass, drums. Mike Rossi, Milt Johnson, Simon Bates, Jeff Robinson, saxes; CAWeaver, pno; Bongani Sokehla, bass; Lebohang Mothebang, perc. Jazz Centre, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, S. Africa, April 5, 2000.

Follow the Cheetah, 2000, saxophone quartet, piano, bass, drums. Mike Rossi, Milt Johnson, Simon Bates, Jeff Robinson, saxes; CAWeaver, pno; Bongani Sokehla, bass; Lebohang Mothebang, perc. Jazz Centre, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Durban, S. Africa, April 5, 2000.   

Catharine Dance, 1997, piano trio (piano, vln, cello). Gallery Players, Rodman Hall, St. Catharines, ON.

Rites of Africa, 1994, flute, cello, piano. Ardeleana Trio, Conrad Grebel College Chapel, January 28, 1995.  Heard here with Dumlavwalla-Deppe-Duo plus cello, 2015: here  Score with Canadian Music Centre.  On Daughter of Olapa CD, 1995.

Fourteen Women/Quatorze Femmes, 1990 for jazz orchestra plus string players.  Hemispheres Orchestra, Michael J. Baker, conductor, Music Gallery, Toronto, ON, November 24, 1990 (also, see listing as “orchestral” above).

Otter Frolic, 1988, flute, cello, piano, Ardeleana Trio, St. Andrews Church, Toronto,  December 10, 11, 1988.  On Daughter of Olapa CD, 1995.

Saltarella, 1981/1986, 2013, mandolin (or soprano saxophone) and piano; Lyle Friesen, mandolin, CAWeaver, piano.  Harbourfront, Toronto, August, 1986.

God-Bearing, 1985, keyboards, mandolin, actor/dancer.  Patricia White, dancer;  Lyle Friesen, mandolin; CAWeaver, keyboards, University Western Ontario, June 9, 1985.

Song of a Dove: In Memoriam Frank Epp, 1986, 2 pianos(keyboards), percusssion.  Grace Louis,  CAWeaver, keybds; Bill Hancock, percussion, Kitchener Auditorium, July 6, 1986.

Armageddon and the Child, 1984, for organ duo, commissioned by Marilyn Mason, University of Michigan.

Lyra, 1983, solo mandolinNeil Gladd, mandolin, Harvard University, American Music Week, November 2, 1986.  Published, Plucked Strings, 1988.             

The Algonquin Trilogy:

Algonquin Dawn, 1989, electric mandolin, electric mandolin, DX7 and DX11 synthesizers, ocarina.  Lyle Friesen, mandolin; Robert Norris, guitar; CAWeaver, synthesizers, orcarina, Fifth Stream Festival, WLU, May 4, 1989.  Recorded and broadcast on “Two New Hours”, CBC radio.

Algonquin Noon, 1986, three percussionists and DX7 synthesizer.  Carol Bauman, Lori West, Andrea McColman, percussion;  CAWeaver, DX7, Princess Cinema, Waterloo, ON, March 18, 1988.

Algonquin Night, 1982, clarinet, mandolin, viola, cello, piano, percussion.  ARRAYMUSIC, Winchester Street Theatre*, Toronto, February 11, 12, 1984.

Procession, 1982/2015, mandolin, guitar, piano.  Lyle Friesen, mandolin; Bob Norris, guitar; CAWeaver, pno, recorded for A.R.C. Industries Documentary on Rogers Cable TV, 1982.  (Revised in 2015).         

Streams, 1981, alto saxophone and piano.  Douglas Pullen, sax; CAWeaver, piano, Theatre-Auditorium, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON, January 7, 1982.

City Primeval, 1978, 2 violins, oboe, clarinet, percussion, bass guitar, piano.  Margie Chapman, Lee Wilkins, vlns; Larry Masterson, ob; Randy Cunningham, cl., Everett Sparks, bass; Adrienne Wilcox,Tom Boston, perc; CAWeaver, piano; Paul Emata, conductor, Indiana University, August 5, 1980.

Ad Cappellam Fortem, 1974, 4 pianos, percussion.  CAWeaver piano; Dave Garber, percussion; others, Science Hall, Eastern Mennonite College, (now EMU) January 16, 1975.

Beyond Soundless Stars, 1973, prepared piano and tape.  CAWeaver piano, Eastern Mennonite College, (now EMU) January 13, 1974.